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ASB MultiSports


Whilst the floor fulfils all of the technical requirements of a modern sports floor, it offers much more. A professional court for every individual sport can be switched on individually via a touch screen. The system can be used indoors or outdoors and even portable floors are possible, exceeding the criteria for sports floors and offering a range of unique possibilities. This is truly the floor of the future.

ASB LumiFlex

ASB LumiFlex is a full video floor. The entire floorspace is a multi-functional monitor. The floor was designed to transform any space into a unique visual experience. Its patented glass surface is one of the most innovative flooring surfaces ever made and can be used for a variety of solutions ranging from sports to concerts, retail to trade shows.

ASB High-Tech Sport Floor

“The high-tech sports floor “LumiFlex” by ASB GlassFloor is leading the revolution of indoor sports. The certified sports floors made of glass offers clubs and event organizers a completely new way to market their future events. In addition, our floor offers athletes better playing conditions than any other sports flooring and now thanks to ASB, you can now become part of the game and create your own digital playing surface. 

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