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Sports Flooring Installations
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Wood and Engineered Wood Installations
Stage and Theatrical Flooring 

Westpoint offers a variety of turn key installation services  for your sport floor needs. Wood athletic floors, rubber flooring and polyurethane floors are all solutions our industry leading staff and highly trained installers can produce to fits the needs of your space properly. MORE...


We specialize in wood floors ranging from economical to exotic or reclaimed one-of-a-kind floors.

Our knowledgeable staff, with over 30 years experience, can assist you in your selection process.
With a variety of solid, engineered, laminate, cork and more; there’s something for everyone!



We pride ourselves in performing arts flooring. Theatre stage construction and renovation, dance rooms, ballet and others. We have installed hundreds of stage floors across Canada ranging from simple performing arts stages in high schools or small theatres to specialized high-performance dance stage floor applications. MORE...


Gym Floor Refinishing & Maintenance 
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Turn Key Home Gym Solutions
SNA Sports Volleyball Equipment
Gymnasium Equipment

Looking to equip your gym with the latest and safest equipment? We are here to help. Westpoint offers a wide variety of equipment for all of your sports needs. MORE...

Repairs & Emergency Work 

Water damage can happen any time, that's why Westpoint is available around-the-clock to handle the most challenging situation. We have the necessary equipment and experience to safely and effectively carry out drying and restoration in areas affected by floods or water damage. MORE...

PlayOn Court Decals

PlayOn Performance Decals are the only court decals designed to be played on. Our patent applied process allows us to bond Bona SuperSport gym floor finish to the top of 3M Controltac Graphic Film to produce the safest environment possible for the athlete. These decals can be both permanent or temporarily. MORE...

ASB Glass Floors

Thanks to groundbreaking technology, Floor offers a whole new spectrum of visual experiences with individual marking lines for various sports or special occasions. At the same time, our glass floors meet all industrial standards and are suitable for all kinds of sports, events, trade fairs or retail trade – one floor, 1000 possibilities! MORE...



WestPoint Sports Flooring and Equipment, is your source for sports flooring solutions and sports equipment for your school gym, track, workout room etc. We have been providing flooring for everyone from local gyms to the NBA for over 30 years and are a leader in the sports flooring industry. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and commitment to providing you with the best solution for your sports flooring needs. 

As a proud supplier of Connor Sports products in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskachewan we are able to provide you industry leading wood athletic floor systems, dance and performing arts systems and Elastiplus polyurethane systems. 


New floors is just not all we can help you with. We also specialize in disaster restoration in the case of an accident, repairs if your floor is having issues and annual service to make sure your floor stays in pristine condition.  

Please feel free to contact us through our site or call us direct, and we will be happy to help you with all of your questions or concerns.


The American Basketball League (ABL) was the first organized professional basketball leauge to use the 3pt line.


HOURS is the longest recorded volleyball game ever recorded. 


Kilometers per hour. The fastest recorded speed of a badminton shuttle. Making it the fastest racket sport in the world.


Highest scoring game in NBA history between the Detroit Pistons and Denver Nuggets on December 13, 1983